About me

My real name is Julian Wayne Mendoza Born at November 6,2001 in Manila,Philippines and lived from the day I born until 2003 or 2004 at San Antonio,Nueva Ecija,Phillipines.I came from not that wealthy family and lived my early life away from Technology or any kind of gadget 'cause my father only want me to study, but at late 2013 my parents are starting to have a arguments.I don't know whatn they angry about but that ended at sperate up but they didn't do a divorce(For my current Knowledge about their relationship) and when my parents seperate I didn't know who I'm going with,With my Mother? or With my Father? but I didn't have enough time to decide 'cause my father had a work and he doesn't have that much time to take care of me so my Mother take me and that the start of my new World.At 2014 I started to play video games but my time has been on study because I want to be smart enough to get the Job I want but my lonelliness get at the top other emotion so instead of studying,I play video games over and over again.I stopped at year 2015 and after that I created a Youtube Channel,that become my alternative entertainment and fun.I upload 2 dozen of videos and by year January 2016 I started editing videos.On the same date I started sharing some Pirate games like GTA SA,NFS,HALO and etc. but that doesn't the last thing that I did,I actually enter the world of gaming community by the time of September 2015 and when I reached the time at July 2016 I started to know how to create MODS(Short for Modifications) for NFS MW 2005 & NFS Carbon.I got interest at programming but I don't have the right PC to do that.